Technical Inspection Service

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Providing a quality stamp on the design and construction of a project

Technical Inspection Service (TIS) is a performance control monitor to add a layer of quality assurance, which ensures the building is built to the appropriate standards and complies with design and engineering specifications, and the quality testing of construction material is adequate.

Quality Assurance

What is TIS?

The Technical Inspection service (TIS) is a mandatory requirement of LDI, the purpose of this third-party review is to ensure a structure is built to the appropriate building codes and standards and is compliant with design and engineering specifications. As a third party review, the technical inspection service is paid for in addition to the premium paid for Latent Defects Insurance.

The Technical Inspection Service begins with a review for design risk, highlighting any potential issues before construction and allowing amendments to be made prior to works commencing. Following on from this, regular inspections and reviews are made throughout construction to ensure it is being built as designed and highlighting any potential issues that may arise so they may be addressed prior to completion.

An in-depth review of all plans and designs combined with regular inspections provides a level of quality assurance to both the insurer and all subsequent owners of the insured building.


How The Process Works

Once an applicant (usually a developer) has received confirmation to proceed with applying for LDI they can then choose from a panel of approved providers. The then appointed TIS provider will provide a complete examination of plans, specifications, bills of quantities and other documentation relating to the works in order to provide both the applicant and insurer with an in-depth review of a project in the pre-construction phase.

Once all documentation has been reviewed & the risk assessed, the selected provider will provide a scope of inspections required at key milestones throughout the build. During these inspections (organised by the applicant and worked into a build schedule) the TIS will highlight potential defects in order for them to be addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner allowing for a transparent and collaborative approach to during-construction defect management.


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