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Resilience Insurance is the nation leader in the provision of Latent Defects Insurance. In increasing confidence and trust in new buildings with this product, we are committed to ensuring that purchasers and end users of new built assets have the security of insurance protection aligned to quality constructed buildings, delivered by trusted building stakeholders and constructed in a manner that assures the future liveability and use of property is fit for purpose, now and into the future.

Our Team

Meet the Resilience Insurance Team

Stefan Hicks

Founding Director

Founder of Resilience Insurance MGA in 2022 and SHC Insurance Group in 1989. In 2015, after establishing a national footprint, the company was merged with the then Parker Resources on the ASX in a reverse takeover. Then continued as Managing Director and CEO of the ASX listed Ensurance. The Group had by 2015 developed multiple Managing General Agents (MGAs) across Australia partnering Lloyds of London.

First industry mover architect in developing bespoke innovated digital platforms providing online products to end consumers and providing multi-insurer digital solutions to the greater Financial Services industry, including banks, credit unions, and all financial services.

Founder and Managing Director of Ensurance Ltd, an ASX listed company. In 2016, Stefan successfully opened up the company’s first international business in London, an independent MGA focused on the UK and EU. Only the 14th MGA Swiss Re has partnered with globally. Stepping down as Executive Managing Director in October 2017 and further stepping off the board in 2018 to privately re-purchase Ensurance’s largest asset, SHC Group. Resilience Insurance is Stefan’s latest business venture, providing Australia’s first Latent Defect Insurance for all Classes of property/construction.

Brett Graves

Executive Director and Company Secretary

Brett alongside Stefan, spearheads Resilience’s product development and sales strategy delivered through their dedicated Business Development Team. Brett’s core responsibilities include: expanding Resilience’s product portfolio, business development, channel management (sales and distribution), Stakeholder relationship management, escalating growth trajectory.

Brett has over 30 years’ experience in the Insurance industry across a diverse range of corporate, government and SME sectors both as an Insurer and Broker. Brett brings a wealth of specialist knowledge regarding the Australian construction industry, providing a valuable resource for the Resilience team. Brett’s experience is tempered with the pragmatic experience of successfully launching an ASX listed business in the highly competitive insurance sector. Brett’s previous experience in Underwriting management roles for international insurers ensures Resilience is well placed to achieve their business development strategies.

Brett’s can-do attitude has served his stakeholders well by providing concise and actionable advice, delivering value and cost-effective risk/insurance solutions. Brett and the Resilience team are here to provide you with competitive resource for business success – working hard to protect your hard work.

Corey Nugent

Chief Executive Officer

Corey has over 30 years’ experience in insurance primarily servicing the building and construction industry. Having worked with small and multi-national insurance organisations and with the Insurance Council of Australia, coupled with strong working collaborations with Governments at all levels, Corey’s experience is among the most diverse.

Romilly Hicks

Brand and Marketing

Romilly inspires organisations to provide best-in-class goods and services that give customers the best chances to develop and prosper by exercising vision, intention, and thoughtful strategy in her leadership. Romilly has worked in various industries including multinationals and SMEs and has invaluable experience in implementing marketing strategies and campaigns.

From luxury fashion houses to ultimate luxury vehicles, Romilly has collaborated with brands that set the bar for consumer experience and innovative solutions. Building on her experience, Romilly continues to prosper in building strong relationships ensuring that Resilience clients strive in their success. With an international education and qualifications, Romilly holds a Certificate of Luxury Branding from the University of Bocconi and is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Cultures and Marketing from the University of Sydney.

Meg Swanenberg

Executive Assistant

Leveraging over a decade of experience and expertise in supporting C-level executives, Meg Swanenberg came to Resilience Insurance after 10 years of working in the Real estate industry in Sydney. Working with arguably some of the largest names in the sector, multimillion dollar properties and their cliental has taught Meg meticulous care that she uses on each initiative to always delivers excellent outcomes. 

Throughout her career, she has earned the reputation as incredibly resourceful and efficient, multi-tasking across a broad spectrum of responsibilities to ensure executives can optimize their time and energy in the most positive way possible. Her strong organisational and communications skills make her a highly effective member of the team.

Alex Shaw

Head of Sales & Development

With an extensive career spanning over 30 years, Alex is a seasoned professional in senior sales and account leadership and management roles. Throughout this journey, Alex has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to scale new solutions across diverse regions, leveraging a combination of strategic insight and hands-on execution.

Her unwavering dedication to achieving excellence has driven her to continuously push boundaries and surpass expectations, earning her a reputation as a highly motivated and driven individual within the industry.

Alex’s track record of success speaks volumes about her commitment to delivering tangible results and her innate talent for navigating complex business landscapes with finesse and determination. Her ability to connect with multiple key stakeholders across industry, government, and the market has been instrumental in delivering innovative solutions that address diverse needs and drive sustainable growth.

Will Harvey

Business Development Manager

Will has come to Resilience Insurance after years of managing locations in the retail and hospitality sector for some of Australia’s biggest brands. Separate to this, Will also has may years operational experience in the construction industry, working on site and in planning for a range of key construction projects.

With a proven track record of identifying and
capitalising on new business opportunities, Will has a unique perspective and strong capability of engaging with business leaders and industry experts, delivering quality results in an efficient manner, while driving and maintaining key strategic

With strong strategic thinking, analytical prowess and communication skills, Will continues to be a driving force in transforming possibilities into mutually effective opportunities.

Collaborating cross-functionally and leveraging internal colleagues to benefit business partner needs, Will is a pivotal force in advancing Australia’s first Latent Defects Insurance product through Resilience Insurance.

Melissa O’Driscoll

Development Manager

With almost 30 years of management and leadership experience in the real estate, finance, construction and insurance industries, Melissa is well placed to lead our VIC, SA and WA operations.

Highly skilled and proficient, she has a long list of professional and academic achievements to her credit but is probably best known for her success in the Domestic Building Insurance sector; widely regarded as one of the country’s leading home warranty insurance experts/underwriters.

Since joining the Resilience team in 2023, Melissa has been leveraging her specialist industry knowledge and stakeholder management expertise to build awareness about LDI, cultivate new networks, nurture existing relationships, and identify key strategies for business growth and increased revenue streams.

Fay Zhu

Latent Defects Insurance Underwriter

Fay has worked in several engineering roles in Australia and overseas. She completed a Master of Professional Engineering at The University of Sydney, where she managed material science projects and their practical applications as a research assistant. She also provided technical support for the ACMM research centre.

Commencing in the insurance industry at the Insurance Council of Australia, Fay contributed research to Project Resilience and the North Queensland Strata Title Resilience Pilot program, managed a guide on cladding safety, and developed an underinsurance data analysis model.

Building on her expertise, Fay continued as a Latent Defects Insurance Technical Underwriter at Resilience Insurance, where she underwrote the first applications in Australia and is currently pursuing an Executive Certificate in General Insurance Underwriting.

Lucas Chang

Latent Defects Insurance Underwriter

Lucas is a Latent Defects Insurance (LDI) Underwriter for our team at Resilience Insurance with a background in Civil Engineering. Graduating with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) from UNSW in 2020, he has cultivated a strong foundation in technical principles, problem-solving, and analytical thinking. His specialised background has provided a solid framework for his current role as a Latent Defects Insurance (LDI) Underwriter within our organisation.

Harnessing his experiences in Civil Design and Project Management, Lucas made a seamless transition to the field of Underwriting. With the launch of Australia’s first Latent Defects Insurance (LDI) product, he embraced the opportunity to play a pivotal role in development and improvement of the product. Leveraging his strong analytical skills and attention to detail, he meticulously examines various factors to determine coverage making well-informed decisions that mitigate risks for all involved parties.

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