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Resilience Insurance proudly leads the insurance market, bringing Latent Defects Insurance to Australia. Available in over 40 countries around the world for more than 70 years, this product drives Building Confidence.

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We are an insurance industry leader delivering ‘game-changing’ insurance products, supporting, Building Confidence through quality, durable and sustainable building delivery

Resilience Insurance is the first provider of Latent Defects Insurance in Australia. Working with Governments to support effective building reform, this product, which has been available in many parts of the world for decades is now, thanks to Resilience Insurance, finally available in Australia.

We represent some of the largest insurers worldwide

Resilience Insurance partner with Australian and global insurers and reinsurers, assuring security of insurance solutions and confidence of insurance cover.

We’re the first in Australia to offer Latent Defects Insurance

Supporting building reform across Australia, Resilience is the first and only current insurance provider of Latent Defects Insurance.

We work with stakeholders to find the best insurance solutions

Working with trusted building producers, changing the way insurance is delivered, owners, occupiers and investors are assured of quality building delivery.

Latent Defects Insurance

What is Latent Defects Insurance, and who benefits?

As consumer confidence in new built assets continues to decline and while evidence of ever-growing numbers of defective buildings are identified across the country, Latent Defects Insurance is a response to increasing demand for investment protection and assurance of quality building delivery.

Latent Defects Insurance changes the way insurance is delivered on building projects, both assuring delivery by trusted and rated providers, but also managing a targeted and detailed inspection program through the construction phase of production.

Importantly, as a first party policy, consumers, strata schemes and body corporates are spared the historic need to engage in litigation to have insured defects rectified.

Developers & Builders

Property Owners

Government, Infrastructure producers & Regulators

Strata Schemes & Body Corporates

Case Studies

Discover how Latent Defects Insurance provides cover and liability protection

A development located in Caulfield South, Victoria, constructed by Shangri-La Constructions and completed in 2015, has attracted significant media attention recently. It has shed light...
The Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris suffered a catastrophic collapse in 2004. The incident occurred when a section of steel roofing at Terminal 2E...
With growing dismay in the quality of delivery of medium and high-density apartment construction market, the NSW Government has again led the nation in development...

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For Industry

Learn how Latent Defects Insurance covers your project

Latent Defects Insurance is a critical quality assurance measure for industry practitioners. Ensuring quality product delivery via independent inspection through construction, not only does the Resilience LDI product enable early identification of issues, but it also enables cost effective attendance to those issues at the time they occur. On top of this, being a first party insurance program, industry practitioners taking up Resilience LDI are sparred the cost of unnecessary legal action.

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The failure of state and territory governments to better regulate apartment development more than five years after a major report laid out necessary reforms means up to…
A game-changing new insurance could be the key to ensuring new apartment nightmares are a thing of the past….
Nearly 100 people who purchased defective apartments in a Western Sydney development will have their contracts rescinded and deposits returned under a landmark agreement….

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Resilience Insurance is the market leader and primary resource for Latent Defects Insurance in Australia. Changing the game for consumers and Industry, this solution not only improves Building Confidence, but it is also a must have on any new development project.